Six Tips for Eating Well and Staying Healthy on a City Break

A “city break” – the British term for a weekend spent in a new city – is an ever-popular choice for tourists looking for a quick getaway. But how do you stay healthy during the few days you spend in a busy city? Here are six essential tips that’ll help you do just that.

Avoid junk food during the flight

When you’re on your flight to your destination, try to avoid eating too much junk food. Eating a lot of sugary snacks or simple carbs while you’re traveling can lead to peaks in your blood sugar followed by significant lows, which often comes with mood swings or feeling sluggish – this is not the best way to start off a vacation.

Eating too many unsatisfying foods during the flight can also lead to unmet cravings. Try and snack healthily, and make the most of the on-flight food – some airlines are now offering great options but what I always recommend to my clients is to pack a healthy lunch or dinner (like a sandwich) that they can carry on with them.

Eat a hearty, healthy breakfast

Exploring your surroundings will require plenty of energy, so it’s crucial you’re getting a good amount of carbs, protein and fiber in your first meal. Wake yourself up and prepare for the day with a sustainable and hearty meal, and then you’ll be ready for your adventures. This will help you stay in the moment, instead of being distracted by a rumbly tummy. Fuel up with more delicious eating experiences along the way, listening to your hunger to gauge if a snack or a full meal would better suit your needs.

Keep walking

Try to avoid relying on taxis, Ubers or public transport during your trip if your level of mobility allows. Although it’s a practical, sensible choice in some circumstances, walking will act as a form of exercise while also saving you money and allowing you to explore the city on your own terms.

Walking is one of the best way to discover hidden treasures within the city that weren’t previously on your radar. Whether you’re in New York City, Paris or Bangkok, there’s always an abundance of incredible things to be uncovered simply by being spontaneous and walking through different neighborhoods to see what you can find. For those that can walk, the fact that it’s a bit of exercise is simply a bonus.

If you’re unable to walk long distances due to an illness or disability, then certainly don’t overdo it – Insurancewith has many tips on how to navigate a holiday with a medical condition.

Drink plenty of water

Carry around a bottle of water with you throughout the day to stay hydrated. There are plenty of potential factors that go into a city break which may leave you not only thirsty, but actually dehydrated – the heat, constant walking around and not drinking enough fluids.

Soft drinks and alcohol can be somewhat dehydrating; water is the best option to keep on top of your health and ensure you can get through the day feeling your best.

Alternate between alcohol and water

It’s also important to drink water if you’re on a boozy night out, or enjoying a few cocktails with your travel partners. Alternate between water and alcohol in order to remain on top of your game – succumbing to the effects of alcohol while you travel could lead to unpleasant issues, such as dehydration and heatstroke.

Make sure you’re wearing sunscreen

Last but certainly not least, make sure you’re applying sunscreen throughout the day – even if it isn’t sunny. UV rays can still penetrate clouds and burn you if you aren’t protecting your skin, and going without sunscreen while spending a majority of your time outside could cause skin damage or illness.

Make sure you’re applying a layer of sunscreen every hour or two – it only has to be on the exposed parts of your body, especially your face.

Do you have more good travel tips? Share them in the comments below!

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