Nutrigenomics: The Future of Personalized Nutrition

Our genetics are our physical blueprints. We all know the color of our hair, the tone of our skin, the shape of our nose, our stature, and the rest of our physical characteristics are largely influenced by our genetic makeup. But have you ever wondered how our genetics impact our nutrition? This includes our metabolism, absorption of vitamins and minerals, how our bodies respond to certain nutrients like protein, fats, carbs and much more.

Is it even possible to know how our genes dictate our bodies’ response to nutrition? The answer is YES! Welcome to the future of personalized nutrition, tailored to your unique body and based on your genes.

Genetic testing has been on the rise for several years now. With recent scientific advances, we have been able to understand our ancestral history and find long lost relatives. Now, for the first time, genetic testing can provide us with information not only about our family tree, but also comprehensive information for lasting health.

In collaboration with Pathway Genomics, Beautyandfitness is now providing our clients with genetic testing. A partial overview of what your test results will include is below. Everything is presented in a comprehensive report that is based on your DNA:

  • Diet: should you follow a low-carbohydrate diet? Or would a low-fat diet work better? Is Paleo or Mediterranean better suited for your body type? We can now look at your metabolism of certain nutrients based on your genes to determine this.
  • Eating Habits: Are you more prone to snacking? Do you have more of a sweet tooth than the average person? What does it take for you to feel satiated? Your genetic makeup holds the answers.
  • Food Reactions: What happens to your body when you consume caffeine or lactose?
  • Nutritional Needs: How much vitamin B2, B6 or B12 do you need? Do you need to focus on getting plenty of vitamin D in your body? Whether or not you need to optimize your intake of certain vitamins is also analyzed in your genetic test. 
  • Exercise: Would your body respond better to running or weight lifting? How does exercise impact your insulin sensitivity response and blood pressure? You may be surprised by the results!
  • Your Body and Weight: Are you more prone to obesity than the average person? What is your metabolism like? What are your chances of regaining lost weight? 

By understanding your body better, it is easier to select the perfect combination of foods to meet your unique needs, achieve a healthy weight, increase your energy and athletic performance, and reduce your risk of developing certain diseases. This is why I am thrilled to offer my clients the opportunity to receive genetic testing. Once we receive your results, I will provide you with a comprehensive meal and lifestyle plan and work closely with you to help you implement it. Are you ready for the best health of your life?

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