Loaded Lemony Overnight Oats

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Your digestive system is always working, and what we eat affects how well this system works. Keeping it healthy is important – but how do you help support it? A diet rich in fiber, a non-digestible carbohydrate, is important to help keep us feeling our best and keep things moving through the digestive tract. Fiber is found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and experts recommend eating at least 25 to 30 grams of fiber from those sources a day — did you know that most Americans don’t eat enough fiber?

How Oats Can Help Support Digestive Health

In addition to being one of my comfort foods, oats are also a good source of fiber – a serving of rolled oats provides 4 grams. There are a few types of oats to select from, including quick, old fashioned and steel cut.

No matter which type you choose, each variety of Quaker Oats – instant, quick, old fashioned and steel cut – are 100% whole grain, and ounce per ounce, they all provide similar benefits of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

My Favorite New Breakfast Recipe

One of my favorite things about oats is that in addition to being delicious and versatile, they are also very easy to prepare. I usually don’t have a lot of time to make breakfast in the morning, just like many of my busy clients. Having a quick to-go breakfast option is ideal for busy mornings. My favorite oat recipe takes less than five minutes and will help provide some of the benefits of oats! 

Loaded Lemony Overnight Oats

Serving Size: 3


●      2 cups unsweetened almond milk

●      1 ½ cups rolled oats

●      Juice of ½ lemon

●      1Tbsp maple syrup or agave

●      1 Tbsp chia seeds

●      1 ½ tsp vanilla extract

●      2 Tbsp dried cherries, unsweetened

●      2 Tbsp pumpkin seeds

●      2 Tbsp sunflower seeds

●      ⅛ tsp salt


●      Combine all ingredients

●      Divide evenly between 3 sealable containers

●      Cover and store in the refrigerator overnight

●      Enjoy in the morning!

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