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9 Innovative Hair Products Inspired by Skin Care

Once upon a time, the only options for treating concerns like dryness, frizz, and dandruff were to pick up a targeted shampoo and conditioner. But we—and our hair care routines—have come a long way since then. (We’re no longer scrunching our ends into crunchy oblivion, for starters.) But beyond styling routines, there’s been a significant spike in interest in the actual health of our hair, even if it means sacrificing on aesthetics (like giving up heat styling and embracing your natural curl pattern). So why the change of heart? It’s due largely in part to what we’re calling the “skinfication” of hair.

The “Skinfication” of Hair

Just like the skin on your face, your scalp can become dry and flaky if not properly nourished, or become clogged with oil and product buildup if not properly exfoliated. So when products like scalp scrubs, nourishing masks, and clarifying oils started to hit the market and produce visible results, customers began to realize that the right routine can transform your hair, just like the right skin care products can make or break (out) your skin. And thus, the “skinfication” of hair movement was born—and it’s still booming.

So what products should be the driving force behind your new “skin care routine” for hair? Discover our favorite innovations for your best hair ever, below.

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