3 Ways CBD Could Improve Your Health

CBD is a huge craze in wellness, and experts are saying it could really help a lot of people.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an extract produced from the marijuana plant, but it can’t get you high because its’ levels of THC are really low (less than 0.03%). It comes in a few different forms, the most popular being pills, oil you drop under your tongue, oral spray, or topical gels and balms. It might seem a bit “woo-woo,” or even a little sketchy, but CBD is actively being researched and has shown some promising results.

With my nutrition counseling clients, I focus on their holistic health. This means taking into consideration a lot more than just how food affects their well-being. So many people struggle with sleep issues, anxiety, and chronic pain, and these can have a profound impact on health in the short and the long term. CBD is an exciting avenue to explore that shows a lot of promise. Here are three ways CBD can complement healthy lifestyle choices.

1. Sleep

You might have heard me talk about it before, but getting enough sleep is one of the most important factors when it comes to optimizing your health. Disrupted sleep has major impacts on hormones that affect your hunger and eating habits, your blood sugar, and inflammation. Studies are starting to show that taking CBD before you go to bed may improve the quality of your sleep.

2. Anxiety

Did you know your emotional stress levels have a HUGE impact on your risk for chronic disease? There are a lot of ways you can reduce your anxiety, including yoga, meditation, therapy, and mindful practices. Some people may require psychiatric meds, and that is OK – there is no shame in seeking medical treatment for anxiety. CBD could be a complement to medicine your doctor prescribes (talk to your doctor before adding CBD to a medication regimen), but may also be effective for reducing your anxiety in combination with the other self-care practices mentioned above.

3. Pain

Pain is stressful, and can inhibit daily activities including regular exercise for a lot of people. Topical CBD balms and gels have shown promising results in reducing arthritis symptoms, and oral CBD extract or oral sprays may also be very helpful in reducing pain for other conditions. The opioid addiction epidemic in the US is also a problem – CBD may help patients with chronic pain need to rely less on opioids for relief.


Current research is showing that CBD is safe for use in most people. However, there could be interactions with certain drugs or nutrients, so it is important to speak with your doctor or registered dietitian about proper dosing. The FDA has approved one specific CBD product for the treatment of epilepsy, but carefully monitors the claims that other CBD companies make about their products to protect public safety, and it is still illegal to sell CBD across state lines or in states where marijuana products are not legalized. More clinical research is definitely needed to prove the benefits of CBD. When buying CBD products you can consult your healthcare provider and follow guidelines such as these to make sure you a purchasing a safe, high-quality product.

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